How to sign up for text reminders

Once a week, on Tuesday mornings, we send out a text reminding you that it’s Food Box pick-up day. To do this, we use an app called Remind, that is designed for teachers & parents. 

1. To get the reminders, sign up here.

2. Remind will ask you to provide your and cell phone number, and then you’ll get a 4 digit confirmation code by text. Input that code and you’re all set.

3. Remind will then ask you to create a password – you can ignore this. You do not need to create a password or an account.

4. On Tuesdays, you’ll get a quick text reminder that the Food Box pick-up is coming up. The text will come from a number that isn’t Josh’s cell, but if you need to contact him, you can still reply back using that text string.